What is Sculpfun Blue Laser and application?

The wavelength of a blue laser is a relatively high energy light between 400nm-480nm. Laser in the blue light band has extensive application value in fields such as high-density data storage, underwater communication, large screen display, carving, detection, and laser medical treatment. The marketization of blue light TO packaging single tube has led to a decrease in price and an increase in power. Various industrial manufacturing and fiber coupling technologies have been continuously enriched, and the development of high-power blue light lasers is also increasing, with higher performance and quality.

1、 What is a blue light laser?

Blue laser is an ideal carving light source laser, and it is ideal to use a blue laser with a wavelength of 450nm in many industrial applications. Because blue light lasers can achieve precise engraving, higher resolution, and high absorption, the intensity of blue light semiconductor lasers also helps to achieve high-quality machining results. Blue light semiconductor lasers can directly emit blue light, with the advantages of simple structure, convenient use, and high efficiency of electro-optical conversion. They are the ideal carving light source device for DIY engraving machines built by everyone.

2、 What is Advantages of Blue Light Semiconductor Lasers?

The advantage of the 450nm blue laser developed, produced, and sold by SCULPFUN Laser is that its optical power includes 80mW, 100mW, 1.6W, 2.5W, 3.5W, 5W, 8W, 10W, 20W, 11W, 22W, 30W, 33W and 40W, 44W, 48W (under development) Our series of ready-made products have further increased their output power to 40W, and now the power is not poor. Compared to industrial engraving laser heads, the price has not lost, and we have our own technological advantages. This ensures high power stability of blue light products, making it easy for everyone to assemble the DIY blue light laser engraving machine every time, avoiding errors due to accessories, and promoting a healthy development trend of long product life and good reliability. 

SCULPFUN is currently selling 5W/10W/20W/11W/22W/33W products.

3、 LD+FAC Solutions for blue laser

1. The laser diode (LD)+fast axis collimating lens FAC scheme of a blue laser is a scheme with an ultra long depth of field. Simply put, when the focus is minimized, the laser head is closer to the carving material and closer to it, resulting in a more delicate carving pattern. If you don’t believe it, you can compare and try it out.


2. The ordinary plan involves carving at a longer distance and generally has thicker scratches. Compared to semiconductor lasers, the edge burning and thicker scratches result in an unattractive carving effect.

With the increasing maturity of technology, the demand for high brightness blue light sources in high-end equipment manufacturing in the future will be significant and play an important role. SCULPFUN Laser continuously improves its technological level, providing customers with professional and high-quality services and advanced and reliable products.

Laser datasheet as below:

Wavelength455nm+/-2 nm
Beam Height25mm
Beam Size5x5mm
Polarization10:1 (Linear)
Beam Divergence(full angle)1.2mrad
Power Stability<3% per 4 hrs
Warm Up Time<1 minute
MTTF10,000 hrs
Laser head dimensions120(L)x56(W)x42(H)mm3
Power Supply

A. OEM type

LSR-PS-I: 100(L)x58(W)x32(H)mm3

AC/DC PSU: 85~265V 50/60Hz input

B. Lab type

LASER 104(W)x128(D)x89(H)mm3

 85~265V 50/60Hz input

C. Adjustable type


85~265V 50/60Hz input

Modulation0~30khz Analog or TTL