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Shenzhen Sculpfun Technology Co., Ltd. is a company focusing on sculpture product. The company’s SCULPFUN brand is committed to creating the best household hobby engraving machine. We hope you can bring you and your family the fun of sculpting through our products. SCULPFUN means “SCULPT YOUR FUN”.

The company cooperates with China’s top diode laser companies to conduct in-depth research on laser miniaturization and solutions to consumer sculpture needs. And in-depth cooperation with a number of laser research institutes for the future use of lasers, we keep researching how lasers can facilitate people’s lives.

Our company’s product S6/S6 Pro and S9 S10 S30 series laser engraving machines have been sold on major e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, and Banggood. It has been praised many times for “most comfortable”, “Easy to use” “Extremely Solid”and “very capable” among users and testers around the world. There are detailed usage demonstrations on YouTube and other websites.

Our company attaches great importance to “customer first”. On the one hand, we strive for the most comfortable customer experience. On the other hand, the factory strictly controls the production quality. Every machine will be tested and sent out to ensure consumer rights.


Sculpfun borned

Sculpfun was estibuilsted at 2019 with 3 founders  and Located in SHENZHEN, China  Which manufacturing diobe laser engraving machine call S6 (5W)

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Annual sales up to 3.5 millions USD and S6 Pro into Market

Sculpfun S6 was welcome on Amazon or other online shop to make Sculpfun annual sales up to 3.5 millions and S6 update version S6 pro is into the market


Sculpfun S9 is the best sellers in our fileds

The 2021 is the most import years of Sculpfun , Sculpfun launched the most scuessful model – S9 into market to make annual sales up to 10 million USD and best seller and the most welcome model on Amazon ,  with first 10W bule laser S10 is lanuched ,Sculpfun enbrance the bright futures


S10,S30 series make Sculpfun to TOp one manufacturer of laser engraver

With R&D effects Sculpfun launched S10, S30 series laser engraver and Annual sales up to 20 millions USD